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Surface Pro 4 Ethernet Driver Download Install Update

Today I have a quick blog on some important deployment information regarding the Surface Ethernet Drivers. This blog will discuss where to get the drivers. Just wanted to update this blog with the latest information. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you for providing this write up. It took some digging before I found it, but looks to have the information needed to address an issue that has come up repeatedly for me. Using the same dock, we can swap tablets out for ones that have not been refreshed only updated , and the Ethernet port appears and works without fail, so we know it is something with the tablet itself.

In attempting to force install the driver and device, I was unable to get Win10 to display any models of network adapter when pointing at the INFs you provided. Do you have any other suggestions on how to add this network adapter after the fact, or do we need to plan to wipe the device and re-imaging with the files provided added to the USB system image, and cross our fingers that it will recognize another piece of hardware exists when we dock it?

It updated a bunch of other firmware and drivers, but not the Surface Ethernet Adapter. I have checked back on previous versions of the MSI and I cannot find the specified msux64w Is the only way to get the updated driver from the Microsoft Update Catalog?

If so, that is also out of date. Also I am coming from a Win 8. Some machines have had their drivers downgraded to Are there any known issues with First some technical details on the drivers themselves: Starting with Windows 10 Version the Surface Ethernet driver is included so if you are deploying it should just work.

Note the inbox version is A later version has already been released. To download the latest drivers for Surface Ethernet adapter, do the following: Browse to the Microsoft Update Catalog here. In the search box enter Surface Ethernet Drivers. When looking at the drivers pay special attention to the version column. At the time of this blog publication the latest drivers were: Check back regularly for any new versions. There are 2 entries.

One for x86 and one for x Best practice is to include both in your deployments. Join the conversation Add Comment. Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment. Good afternoon Mr McArthur, Thank you for providing this write up. Any help or direction you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Surface Pro 4 Ethernet Driver Download

Surface Ethernet Drivers

Use the links below to download the latest drivers and firmware for your Surface. You will be redirected to the Download Center details page for your device. Multiple downloads may be available, depending on the product you select. To update your Surface with the latest drivers and firmware, select the. If there's not an.

Install Wireless Drivers on Surface

Surface Pro 4 Ethernet Driver Download

Those wanting to download Surface Pro 4 drivers, firmware and software can now do so from the Microsoft Download Center. It is essential, for downloading updates that you be connected to the Internet. Visit the download page and tap on the red Download button. Check the box for the latest version of the MSI file in this case the January version then tap Next. The firmware and driver package includes drivers for all of the components in the Surface Book, as well as updates to the system firmware that have been released via Windows Update. These drivers and firmware are compatible with Windows 10 , including Enterprise versions. Also, the WinTab driver is provided for those professionals needing WinTab compatibility with certain Surface Pen enabled applications. Surface Book drivers and firmware are also available. Firmware and drivers for Surface Book now available for download Surface 3 specs, price. Surface Team answers questions about the Surface tablet. Your email address will not be published. Download Surface Pro 4 drivers, firmware, software from Microsoft.

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