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Do I Need Driver Cd For New Brother Printer Install Update

When you try to install a printer or to fix problems with using your printer that requires installing printer drivers, you may find yourself in one of the following situations: This article describes how to locate and download the latest printer driver from your printer manufacturer's Web site, and how to install the driver on your computer.

Before you start To use these steps, you have to be logged on to the computer with an administrator account. Chances are that you are already logged on with an administrator account. We can help you verify that if you are not sure.

If you are not logged on with an administrator account, you must know the name and the password of an administrator account on the computer. If you do not know this information, unfortunately this content cannot help you. If that is the case, you might want to ask someone that you know for help, or you might want to contact support. I'm logged on as an administrator and know the other information, so I'm ready to visit my printer manufacturer's Web site to find the latest printer driver.

If you need help verifying some or all of this information, what do you need help with? If you need help with all these things, please follow the order in which they are listed here. You are now ready to go look for the printer driver that you need. We will give you links to some common printer manufacturer's Web sites in a minute. But before we do this, we'd like to remind you that the printer manufacturer's Web site is not under our control.

Each manufacturer's Web site will be laid out differently. Therefore, we cannot give you the precise steps that you will need to locate and download the latest printer driver for your computer. So please realize that the following steps are general steps that you may have to adapt a bit.

If at any time you no longer seem to be able to find what you need, please ask someone you know for help or contact your printer's manufacturer for help. Basically what you want to dowhenyougettoyourprinter manufacturer'sWebsiteis: If no printer driver was listed for your Windows XP platform type, here is what you want to try next:.

If no Windows or Windows XP driver is listed for your printer, see whether a compatible printer driver exists for your printer make and model. A compatible driver is also known as an "emulation printer driver. This step is a bit more involved, so if you have trouble, you might want to ask someone for help or contact support.

To find a printer driver that will function as an emulation printer driver for your printer driver, first search your printer manufacturer's Web site. If you do not find any mention of an emulation printer driver on your printer manufacturer's Web site, you can do the same search on the Internet. The steps to do this are as follows:. To download a compatible driver, you might have to visit a different printer manufacturer's Web site.

Therefore, you would have to visit the Epson Web site to download the latest printer driver for the Epson LQ printer for use with a Canon BJ20 printer. If no printer driver is available in any form for your printer, the rest of this content cannot help you. At this point, you might want to read Next Steps or Advanced troubleshooting. Or you might want to ask someone you know for help, or contact the manufacturer of your printer. If you found the driver, go on to Download and then run the file that you located.

Printer problems in Windows. You cannot add a printer, and you receive printer spooler error messages Advanced troubleshooting for when you cannot print in Windows XP Error message: The current printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer.

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Do I Need Driver Cd For New Brother Printer

How to download and install the latest printer driver from your printer manufacturer's Web site

Unless you keep your computer desk very organized, finding the CD-ROM to install your Brother printer to a new computer can be a huge hassle. Fortunately, you can find free downloads of most Brother printer software on the company's website. Visit the downloads section of Brother's official website see Resources. Choose "Printers" from the "Select Product Group" menu. Locate the model number on your Brother printer. It is probably on the top or front of the printer and begins with a letter or series of letters, such as "DCP," "HL" or "M. Scroll down to the header "Your Results. Select your language and click "Search. Double-click the file to start the printer software installation.

How to Install Brother Printers Without a CD Rom

Do I Need Driver Cd For New Brother Printer

Brother printers are common in both work and home offices. While the printer out of the box comes with everything you need to install the printer's driver on your computer, not everyone can use the CD-ROM for installation. Even if you're installing an existing printer on a new computer but you no longer have the CD-ROM, don't worry. You can install the Brother printer driver through online methods. Brother has a comprehensive support center website with driver downloads for most of its printers. You'll need the model number of your printer before you begin. Search the support center, locating the exact model. The site provides instructions specifically for your printer. It will first ask if you need the Windows or Macintosh driver. Select the pertinent option. The driver usually downloads into your computer's "Downloads" folder, and you'll need to open it and move it to the "Printers" folder.

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